Every Tuesday night we welcome you to join our yoga classes. Spend an hour of yoga that will soothe your soul and invite you to get in touch with your inner Zen.

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga Every other Tuesday Linnea will guide you through a class that starts with some gentle warming up, continues into some more strength-building asanas (yoga poses), then some deeper stretches, and is finished up with some guided relaxation, Savasana style. Beautiful music and candle lights will set the scene. The mission is to establish awareness of body and breath, and in doing this, allowing the body and mind to relax.

Yoga & Meditation (Beginner classes)
In this kundalini yoga-class, you learn effective techniques to increase your physical and mental strength and your ability to focus. We do physical exercises, but we also try some nice breathing techniques and simple meditations that can help you both relax and focus. No skills or former experience of yoga is required – just come as you are!

If you have any injuries or special needs, please contact me before class so I can prepare alternative exercises if needed.


Time and place:
Hatha yoga: Tuesdays at 18.20-19:40 in the gymnasium (7B205).
Kundalini yoga (for beginners): Tuesdays every other week at 18.20-19:40 (see the schedule in the app)

Through the website or through the app.

Instructors & contact 
Linnea Ymsén, tel 070-459 08 50

Maria Östergren, tel 070-648 52 61