Every Tuesday night we welcome you to join our Hatha yoga classes together with our super talented Yoga instructor Julia Wendt. Spend an hour of yoga that will soothe your soul and invite you to get in touch with your inner Zen. The class starts with some gentle warming up, continues into some more strength building asanas (yoga poses), then some deeper stretches, and is finished up with some guided relaxation, Savasana style. Beautiful music and candle lights will set the scene. The mission is to establish awareness of body and breath, and in doing this, allowing the body and mind to relax.

New to Yoga? 
Every other Tuesday we welcome first-timers in trying kundalini yoga. This Yoga-form is ideal for beginners. Here we focus on easy exercises and meditations that help increase both your flexibility and your ability to focus and to relax. Whenever you feel comfortable you are of course welcome to join the Hatha classes as well. 

Time and place:
Tuesday: 18.00-19:00 in the gymnasium (7B205).

Through the website or through the app.

Instructors & contact 
Julia Wendt 0760903436