Membership fee

The membership fee is 50 kr per calender year. Membership is required to take part of KAUIF´s activities. The membership gives you the following:

  • Insurance against damage incurred during activity, according to our agreement with insurance company.
  • The right to represent KAUIF in competitions.
  • Influence of the association by voting rights at the annual meeting for all members of the union.
  • Opportunity to purchase activity card to able to participate in our activities.

Activity cards

When you have purchased the membership fee it is time to chose your activity card. Activity cards are valid during spring semester 2018.

Group training card
Includes all group training activities during spring semester 2018.
Ordinary price: 600 kr

Student union discount price: 450 kr

Ball sports card
Includes all ball sports during spring semester 2018.
Ordinary price: 500 kr

Student union discount price: 350 kr

All card
Includes all our activities during spring semester 2018.
Ordinary price: 900 kr

Student union discount price: 750 kr

10 card
Ten sessions of any activity you would like.
Price: 350 kr (no discount)

Membership in the student union provides you discount of 150 kr for the activity card.

Pricing example
You will be studying in Karlstad during spring semester 2018 and like sports. You decide to get the "All card" so you get access to all activities. Also, during your first days at University you purchased membership in the Student Union (which provides you discount price for KAUIF activity card). 

You pay 50 kr membership fee + 750 kr for activity card = 800 kr.