Step 1 
Get membership at 
 One calendar year: 50kr                         

Step 2 

Get the All-Around Activity Card 

Student union (kåren) price:  149kr 
Regular price:                           299kr 

Student union price: 249kr  
Regular price:            399kr  

Price example
If you are a member of the Student Union and you would like to join the fun for one semester. You only pay 50kr for the KAUIF membership + 149kr for the All-Around Activity Card. In total 199kr for limitless training including both group training and ball sports. 


Where to buy KAUIF membership + The Activity Card 

The Student Union (studentkåren)
Place: The main building at
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-13:00.
the Karlstad University (house 1B).

Bank giro payment
Make the payment to bank giro account number 230-5365 and write your personal number as reference/OCR.
In addition to the payment, we also require an email from you where you state the following: 
1. Date of purchase. 
2. Card type.
3. Personal number.
Send the email to

Payment through Swish
Make the payment via Swish to 123 420 38 57. Please state your personal number in the message box. 
In addition to the payment, we also require an email from you where you state
1. Date of purchase. 
2. Personal number.
Send the email to



Membership at KAUIF                    

  • The possibility to purchase the All-Around Access Card    
  • Insurance for injuries that might occur during activity        
  • The right to represent KAUIF during contests                      
  • The power of influence within the fraternity   

The All-Around Activity Card         
  • Gives you full access to all group training sessions and ball sports.           

Karlstad University Access/Identity card  

All students (and non-students) at Karlstad University require an Access Card. This card allows you to enter restricted areas around the university, including the sports gymnasium. The card can be collected at the Welcome Center in building 1. 

Any questions please contact us at or visit us at 1A 329.