Membership and prices 


 One semester   
                                          200kr +50kr membership   

 Two semesters 

                                          349kr +50kr membership   



 Where to buy KAUIF membership 

The Zoezi application
Create an account at or in the app "Zoezi" and purcase 
a membership and trainingcard in the shop
Find guide-lines here: How to become a member


 Membership at KAUIF                    

  • Full access to group training and ball sports.   
  • Insurance for injuries that might occur during activity        
  • The right to represent KAUIF during contests                      
  • The power of influence within the association   
  • The membership lasts during the calendar year the purchase was made

Karlstad University Access/Identity card  

All students (and non-students) at Karlstad University require an Access Card. This card allows you to enter restricted areas around the university, including the sports gymnasium. Students apply for their card here:, and non-students can collect their cards from the Welcome Centre once KauIF confirms that it has been ordered for them. 

Any questions please contact us at or on our Facebook page