Do you also want to be a part of the KAUIF CREW?

KAUIF is a non-profit student association that lived on for over 50 years thanks to all the non-profit involvement. Since just resently we got ride of the last employees which make us totaly depended on students doing a non-profit part. As a part of the crew you will have access to all sports and activiteies for free, meet alot of new fun people and learn all crazy kind of stuff. You will be a part of a fantastic group that will make your time on the university unforgettable.

We are always searching for instructors and new sports to add. So if we are missing the sport or group session that you like, don´t wait a second before contacting us and applying for a leading roll in the sport. Sometimes we also need new leaders to an already existing sport, so you can always ask us if you are intressted of taking a roll in any sport.

You don´t have to be a professional, you just need to have the commitment and energy to make it. Usally we have multiple instructors for every activitie, so you don´t have to feel like taking all responsibility and being there for every workout.

The board
The board members are those who keeps everthing around the sports running. It´s everthing from making schedules, doing marketing, events and paying bills. Take a look at THE BOARD MEMBERS to see which rolls we have. Now and then we look to fill up a spot in the team, we will then go out on social media and tell which roll. So stay updated on all our social media! 

You apply for the services by sending an email to or contact us at one of our other contact channels.