Four times a week we play badminton at the Gymnasium. We normally start by warming up with running exercises and technique drills with the feather ball. After warm-ups we focus on playing 2 vs 2, occasionally we also have the opportunity to play 1 vs 1.
Our main goal is for you to have fun, in addition, we also wanna teach you about rules and techniques so that you can improve your game.
Everyone is welcome, whether you have previous experience or if you're a beginner.

Time & place 
Mondays 19.30-20.40 at the Gymnasium.
Wednesdays 16.00-17.15 at the Gymnasium.
Fridays 17.15-18.55 at the Gymnasium.
Saturdays 14.15-15.45 at the Gymnasium.

Instructors & contact
Fredrik Johnsson - 072-5228765
Albin Östlind
Felicia Öberg
Theodor Molnar

Facebook group 
KAUIF Badminton