What is KAUIF?

KAUIF stand for "Karlstad Universitet Idrottsförening" (Karlstad university sports association) and offers a wide range of diffrent sport activites.
The goal of Karistad University's sports association's activities is to give students the opportunity to carry out sports-, outdoor- and fitness activities for a price they affored. We want to give students a fun and active time here at Karistad University. KAUIF is not only for students though, anyone can become a member of KAUIF. It does not matter if you are a student here, have been a student there, are an exchange student elsewhere, or can´t even spell student. You can even be a teacher - it is simply enough that you want to join our community to train with us.

With a wide training register, we certainly have something that suits you, or why not combine several of our activities. And if you don´t find your activitie you can always contact us and start instructing it yourself. 

Events: Challenges, competitions and cups

For those who want to feel the heat from competitions, KAUIF organizes its own cups in football, floorball, bedminton and other sports. In addition, KAUIF participates in student SM and in other universities competitions. After all, it's fun to challenge yourself and to compete against others from time to time.

There are many reasons to exercise. Some want to keep the beer belly in check, others want something to do after school. No matter what, KAUIF is works for the community and training joy. Being a member is a golden opportunity to meet people outside of your study group and broaden your social contact network.