What does 20/20 in the app mean?
It means that there are 20 available slots.  

Where do I purchase the KAUIF membership and the All-Around Activity Card?
At the Student Union contact center or through our website.

When can I buy the membership?
We start selling memberships and activity cards from Friday 25th August. 

What are the opening hours for the Student Union and KAUIF?
Student Union: Monday - Friday, 10.00 - 14.00. 
KAUIF: Monday - Friday, 10.00 - 14.00. Room: 1A309. 

What is the best way of contacting KAUIF?
The best way to contact us is either through any of our social media or direct to kansli@kauif.se. As we collaborate with the Student Union you can also visit them.

When do the activities and sports start?
Some activities start from Monday the 28th of August, stay updated on the schedule

Where does the activities take place?
All our activities take place in the University area. Find out more here

Can I get a refund on my KAUIF membership and the All-Around Activity Card?
No. We do not offer any refunds. 

You find more info about our policy for treatment of personal data. Find out more here .