General info
Date: TBA
Place: TBA
Registration fee: TBA
Format: 7-a-side football where at least two guys and two girls should always be representative on the football pitch. A match will take about 15 minutes to complete. However, the final matches last 2*10 minutes. Conditions: At least half of the team's members must be members of KAUIF and/or Karlstad Student Union.

Maximum number of teams: 16, Applications are made via

Rules and information
- Send an email regarding your team lineup to or submitted to the Tournament Secretariat. Please note that this applies as long as the team still consists of at least half of the members of KAUIF and or Karlstad Student Union. Players may under no circumstances represent two different teams during the tournament.
- There will be an alcohol ban on Klasmossen's IP and players who have consumed alcohol (regardless of quantity) may not participate in the tournament.
- When returning the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper must not take the ball with his hands.
- Two yellow cards give red card means expulsion but not suspension in upcoming matches. Direct red card gives a match suspension. In case of serious and/or repeated wrongdoing, a further suspension may be applied.
- We recommend that all players use leg protection.

If you have any questions or concerns, email